MSP MOTORS is a well known and well respected used cars brand in Madurai. We started our business in the year 1976 our business was started by
Mr.V. Kallanai at present we are doing the business in all over Tamilnadu.

Our Assurance

The Instant you walk in to our mega showroom you can be absolutely confident that any car that catches your eyes is in pristine condition. Every pre owned car is put through the most stringent inspection. W hat is more in our show room is a team of experience sales & service professional is on hand offer to professional advice and assists you in every way. Great news is that our experience sales & service professionals are on hand to office professional advice and assist you in every way. Great news is that our extensive service includes personal and commercial vehicle.

Quality Assurance

General Inspection

To begin with the inspection of mileage and history verification of records and document of vehicle.

Appearance Inspection

A certified pre owned vehicle is a clean skinned beauty with high quality fit and finish inside and out . it is as free of dents scratches dings as we can make it.

Post Road Test Inspection

After our test drive we check for leaks and verify the proper fluid levels.

Chassis and Body Inspection

Every details of body structure from glass lamp frames, seat belts checked nothing is left.

Financing and Insurance

We tie up with leading banks and fiancÚ companies. Our team of dedicated finance and insurance consultants will recommended you the most attractive financing plan with low interest. When it comes to your car insurance no effort is spared on our part to ensure you enjoy the most competitive quotes.